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BORNO: Season Of Apologies From Jonathan


It came with great relief, reading the press statement by the Borno Elders Forum, demanding an apology from ex-President Goodluck Jonathan “over the death of Borno State residents” during the various Boko Haram attacks under his administration.

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The Problem of Food Safety in Nigeria


One of the best parts of visiting Nigeria is the opportunity to sample cherished organically produced and prepared local meals. It means that many restaurants and food joints are visited for this purpose – of course the resultant effect is the weight gain there for everyone to know I have just been to Nigeria! However, recent news coming out of Nigeria about food safety now makes this cherished pastime a thing of the past.

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Study Shows How Contact Lenses Can Affect Your Appearance Over Time

Study Shows How Contact Lenses Can Affect Your Appearance Over Time










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The Lesson Buhari Administration Must Learn from George Washington


Being the first President of the United States, George Washington realized that his administration would have to set the precedence for subsequent administrations. He was therefore painstaking in attending to the responsibilities of the office of the President of the United States of America.

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Nigerian Newspapers: 10 things you need to know this Friday morning

Nigerian Newspapers: 10 things you need to know this Friday morning
Good morning! Here are 10 things you need to know this morning:

  1. No fewer than 10 persons were on Thursday killed in a bomb blast purportedly planted by a suicide bomber in front of Jimeta main market in Yola, Adamawa State capital. About 30 others were seriously injured. Report says the blast occurred around 8.00pm after Muslim evening prayer.

  2. A Federal High Court sitting in Lagos State, has asked the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) to put on hold every move to arrest and extradite Ogun East Senator-elect, Mr Buruji kashamu. This order was according to the Presiding Judge, Justice Ibrahim Buba, who ruled that status quo be maintained pending the determination of all applications.

  3. A correspondent with the News Agency of Nigeria in Imo state, Miss Chidi Opara was on Wednesday night abducted by some unknown gunmen at her MCC road residence, Urata in Owerri North local government area of the State. She was reportedly whisked away at about 8pm when she was almost getting into her compound.

  4. President Muhammadu Buhari Thursday in N’djamena, capital of Chad stressed on the need for African countries affected in one way or the other by the Boko Haram insurgents to cooperate and exterminate the insurgents. He called on member-countries of the Lake Chad Commission to be determined and to intensify the operations of the Multi-National Joint Task Force (MNJTF) set up to end the insurgents’ activities.

  5. The House of Representatives on Thursday passed the much talked about Petroleum Industry Bill (PIB) which many have considered very important into law. The passage of the bill was done unanimously, after which the House adjourned indefinitely as its life span had expired.

  6. The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission having arraigned the last batch of the accused persons in the hearing of the Central Bank of Nigeria’s N8bn mutilated currency, told Justice Adeyinka Faaj that the accused persons, conspired with two others between 2011 and 2012 in Ibadan and deceived the CBN to pay N1.6bn to the Zenith Bank Plc, instead of N159,431,700.

  7. The All Progressives Congress on Thursday shifted a meeting scheduled to hold with Senators-elect and members-elect of the House of Representatives. Report says the party’s national working committee quickly called off the meeting after it got intelligence report that the APC legislators-elect may resort to violence over the Senate Presidency position.

  8. About 150 persons lost their lives in Accra, capital of Ghana, after a petrol station was gutted with fire. Majority of the victims were said to have sought shelter in the filling station because of a heavy downpour before the incident happened.

  9. A former Inspector-General of Police and Chairman of the Police Service Commission, Mr. Mike Okiro, was yesterday in Abuja questioned by the Independent Corrupt Practices and other related offences Commission, ICPC, over an alleged N275m fraud.

  10. Kogi State Police Command, yesterday disclosed that it has rescued the state Commissioner for Lands and Housing, Mr. Stephen Maiyaki, who was kidnapped from his farm on May 30th.
    According to report, Maiyaki was rescued at about 2am at Abobo village in Adavi Local Government area of the state, where the abductors had whisked him to.

I Remain Grateful to Bayelsans – Jonathan

President Goodluck Jonathan

President Goodluck Jonathan Former President Goodluck Jonathan on Friday in Yenagoa said he remained grateful to Bayelsans for the support he enjoyed during his political career from 1999 to date. Jonathan, who expressed his gratitude at the civic reception organised in his honour by Bayelsa government, said that he was honoured to have been found worthy of public service. He expressed appreciation to the state government for organising the civic reception, adding that he would dedicate the remaining part of his life to peace building across the country. “Having befitted so much from the rare privilege of serving, I shall dedicate the remaining part of my life to peace building in all parts of Nigeria. “I will urge all to support the new administration to develop Nigeria and work with the state government to develop our own state,” Jonathan said. Speaking earlier, Gov. Seriake Dickson said that the administration organised the reception to express appreciation to Nigerians for giving Jonathan the opportunity to lead the country for the past six years. He said that the state was receiving the former president with mixed feelings of gloom and gratitude. He said that the period was a trying time for the Niger Delta people but said that there was hope in the horizon. “We are down but not out and for those who are happy at our situation that we shall rise again,” Dickson said. Speaking on behalf of the traditional rulers, Chief Alfred Diette-Spiff , Chairman of Bayelsa Council of Traditional Rulers, said that serving the country as president was a rare privilege. “The great sage Chief Obafemi Awolowo wished to be president of the coun try for only one day, but our own son was president for about 3, 000 days.” Diette-Spiff said. Meanwhile, different organisations and social groups stormed Otuoke to receive the former President after handover. Among in attendance are Akiplayi community social groups and their elders, Ogbia Youth Vanguard (OYV) were in attendance to welcome the former President. Ijaw Youth Council (IYC) were among those that welcomed the former president in his home town. Ohane-eze You Congress (OYC) were also in attendance to welcome the former president. The reception was also attended by the Peoples Democratic Party Women Forum (PDPWF).

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Boko Haram: What Good Will Amnesty Serve?

At the weekend, some top northern leaders called on the President-elect, General Muhammadu Buhari (rtd) to declare amnesty for Boko Haram insurgents when he takes over power on May 29, 2015, making many to wonder what good the call if heeded will serve.
The call was the high point of a communique issued after a two-day conference held in Abuja with the theme: “Security and Governance Challenges in Africa’s largest Democracy,” by the Savannah Centre for Diplomacy, Democracy and Development as part of its “Nigeria Beyond 2015 Project”.
No doubt, this is not the first time some top northern leaders and groups will be calling for amnesty for Boko Haram members who have since 2009 caused nothing but tears and blood to flow in most parts of the north including Abuja, the nation’s seat of power.
This call for amnesty for a sect whose stated mission is the complete Islamisation of Nigeria and rejection of Western education is not only preposterous but also unpatriotic and insensitive. Are those calling on Buhari to grant amnesty to Boko Haram members justifying the heinous crimes perpetrated by them? If the call is heeded, then what happens to those they have killed, maimed, orphaned or widowed? If the Boko Haram members are granted amnesty, how sure are we that sooner than later other groups will not rise up to kill, maim and set Nigeria ablaze and thereafter some of their sympathisers will ask that they be given amnesty?
Granted that many of the individuals and groups who over time have been calling for amnesty for Boko Haram members try to equate it to the amnesty granted to Niger Delta militants, the fact is that there is no nexus between the two. So, enough of this call for amnesty for a sect which to date remains faceless; has never come out to repudiate their stated goals but continues to wreak havoc on Nigeria and Nigerians.

Aremu Stirs Hornet’s Nest, by Yinka Olujimi


Repeat after me, last eight years
Yes grandpa, last eight years.
Nigeria has been mismanaged in the last eight years
Yes sir, Nigeria has been badly mismanaged by the PDP since 1999
Who told you that? I said in the last eight years. Say it again, last eight years
Okay granny, last eight years, last eight years, last eight…
Good. Now, say Nigeria has been mismanaged in the last eight years.
Okay gran. Nigeria has been mismanaged by the PDP in the last 16 years.
Ha! What kind of education are they giving to our kids these days? You mean you can’t understand a simple sentence? I am not talking about the last 16 years. Nigerians must be told to overlook my eight years and concentrate on the succeeding eight years. I am the navigator, remember? I am now squeaky clean. It is only that Otuoke mistake of the last six years that we have to focus on. Thankfully, the one who was in charge for the first two years after me is no more, so he cannot fault me. The mistake man of six years is too dazed and can also not respond. So, all we need to focus on now is to make Nigerians stop talking about my own eight years. Did you hear that? Focus on the last eight years.
Okay grandpa. It is now understood. Fully.
So, say it: Nigeria has been badly managed in the last eight years.
Hmmmm. I can’t understand o, granny. Can you point at one of the areas of the last eight years where mismanagement took place. Just one.
Olodo lomode yi o (this boy is a dullard). You are just like your mother. So, you mean I need to point at the areas where the foolish boy failed Nigerians? The boy whom the Almighty gave me the grace to elevate to the post of President, but chose to disrespect me?
I am sorry, granny, but I need you to give me specifics.
Now, tell me, since you and your mother arrived in the country, have you had fuel to move around the town? Has fuel scarcity not been a big problem in Nigeria, the world’s sixth largest producer!
Grandpa, you have always encouraged us to tell the truth, no matter what. So, I must tell you why I have difficulty separating eight from 16.
Yees, I have always asked you to tell the truth at all times. Truth elevates a nation. We must say things as they are. If don’t do that, you will not be a true born of the Aremu family.
So, I must say the truth?
Yes, say it. Tell me the truth.
Grandpa, don’t let me talk o. Very soon now, you will be calling me idiot and you will be abusing my mummy. By the way, it is idiot, not eediot.
Hehehehe! See this small boy. Aye ma ti dorikodo o (the world has turned upside down). You mean I shouldn’t call you eediot, even when you are one? Okay, speak on. Tell me your mind.
Grandpa, you were in office for eight years. How come the world’s sixth largest producer of crude oil is still importing petroleum? Why should anybody body blame the last eight years and leave out the preceding eight years? How come your party did not add one refinery, just one refinery whether as private of as public, in the last 16 years?
Is that the truth you want to tell me? Eediot.
Granpa! I asked a simple question. How can I separate eight from 16 years if you were in office in eight of the 16 years, somebody spent two, and another six. Who should be held responsible for the massive importation of fuel?
Orisirisi! It is me you are talking to like that, right?
Grandpa, should I go back to sleep? You know I don’t like discussing Nigeria with you. I would not be debating this if you had not asked me to be repeating a statement.
Well, that is why I like you. You are a trueborn Aremu. You will always tell the truth. You are my boy, my very good boy. Although you always behave like an eediot.
It is idiot grandpa, not eediot, I have always told you. And, I am not an idiot.
Okay o. Call it what you like. All I know is that you are one.
I am surprised, grandpa that you didn’t talk about the grand failure of your combined administrations to end Nigeria’s power woes.
You see yourself? Ehn? I say, you see your life outside ( o ri aye e lode?) You want to say that you are not aware of all the giant steps I took in the power sector and that it is because my successors, who are not worthy of that title, elected not to see my power projects to completion?
Grandpa! Your power projects? Like that first phase project in Papalanto which gulped billions of Naira but could not be used until the second phase comes on stream? The project that could not continue because it was sited in Ogun State but the gas that would power it is in the Niger Delta? Don’t make me laugh o, grandpa.
I will not respond to your foolishness again. It is not your fault. You would not be opening your stinking mouth to say those things to me if I had not tried to you use you as test for my next public address.
I knew you would say this grandpa, but I must tell you the truth. Nigerians are asking questions to our hearing. If people can’t tell you the truth, we owe it a duty to you to tell you. They ask about the record of your performance on road. They point at the Lagos-Ibadan expressway. In fact, they talk about the road that leads to Ota Farm and the Sango bridge. They say that that bridge was completed by your immediate successor who spent only two years. They wonder why the road that leads to your own farm was in such a deplorable state after your eight years in office.
I have told you, you are an eediot.
Grandpa! It is idiot, not eediot. And I am not an idiot…



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